On the Road USA: Barrelling Through Arizona and New Mexico

April 2020 When the going gets tough, the tough hit the interstate.  After my exercise in agenda flexibility in California's Central Valley I decided it was time to shorten the trip across the country and make a beeline for the hardwood forests of the East.  Where's that transporter when you need it?  Scotty, WTF?? Since only one option remained I hit the road.  Having modified my itinerary to make the drives longer but not [...]

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On the Road USA: Taking the Hindmost in Central California

In point of fact, I did rather well.  Considering I entered California just as the peak of the pandemic was coming to bear, things could have been much worse.  Fortunately my agenda was to explore the various and sundry natural delights the State has to offer.  Had I been pitched on exploring its urban delights I'd have been cancelled in a heartbeat.  But pandemic or no the redwoods still hold forth in their damp [...]

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On the Road USA: Sea and Trees in Arcata, CA

March 2020 If you want to know why Arcata, blame Google Maps.  If you look for the major redwood parks along the northern California coast, Arcata sits approximately equidistant between them.  Since it has plenty of places to stay and has Humboldt State University, it seemed as good a place as any for setting up base camp as I explored trees and sea.  After driving around the area for a couple days I realized [...]

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On the Road USA: Oregon and Northern California

March 2020 It's great to be on the road after cooling my heels in the wintry North.  As I mentioned in a previous post, my agenda for the trip was to be warm before the month of June, something unlikely to happen consistently in my neck of the Bitter North, so I upped stakes and headed south.  And oh boy am I glad I did.  I knew that the gods were smiling upon me [...]

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Close To Home: Sandpoint and Lake Pend Oreille

March 2020 In a couple weeks I'll be heading out on a long road trip.  As I prepare to launch myself toward parts unknown I've become aware of just how good I have it in the home territories with regard to landscape and the natural world.  My old stomping ground has, unfortunately, one fatal flaw: winter.  It's long and brutal here.  We're through the worst of it now that it's the end of February but [...]

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Warm Winds of Winter

February 2020 Having spent the greater part of the last 10 years either in the Middle East or in the tropics I've managed to escape the rigors of winter for a good while.  That's exactly what I wanted, since winter is no friend of mine.  I grew up with it in my corner of the Bitter North and remember only too well below-zero temps in January and snow so deep we had paths between the [...]

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A Day in the Orchards

August 2018 One of the pleasures of summer in my old stomping grounds in the States is the coming of fruit season.  After the long winter months when the freezer is the only thing that produces fruit Nature cuts loose and all manner of things come to ripeness over a period of a few months.  I know on which side my bread is buttered, or to use a another equally trite phrase, I'm smart [...]

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A Spot of Summer in the Bitter North

July 2018 It's high summer in the Bitter North now, when for those few brief months a magical transformation comes to forests that spend much of the year under deep snow.  A few years ago on a visit home I betook myself to an area within an hour's drive of where I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  I have the good fortune to come from one of the areas of [...]

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Lessons from the Backwoods

The story I have to tell here goes back nearly 15 years now, which astonishes me.  My memories of that time are still razor sharp, time has had no power to dull them, but I must say they are not much in the front of my mind now, lurking rather nearer the back part of the mental storage unit.  Since developing the idea of doing this blog the intent to write about my experience [...]

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