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Link Post for “Year-End Review of Politics for 2018”

This post provides link resources for the blog post available here Corporatocracy/Autocracy The issue of corporatocracy sat firm in my brain before I began research earlier this year but I hadn't explored the issue to any great degree in the literature.  Not that I needed to, really -- life itself will show you the main points as you see corporations running the show.  In an article by Graham Vanbergen from 2016 (here) appear the following eye-watering statistics: [...]

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Link Post for “Horkheimer, Adorno and Business As Usual 40 Years On”

This post provides link resources for the blog post available here. A PDF of Horkheimer's full essay "Traditionelle und kritische Theorie” in English translation is available here.  If you're up for the German original, try here. The major translation into English of Adorno's Minima Moralia is by E.F.N. Jephcott, published by Verso Press, that limey nest of leftist sympathizers.  The paperback is still in print and available through Amazon.  The German original is available through Bibliothek Suhrkamp on [...]

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Link Post for “The Tacloban Diary”

Resources for "The Tacloban Diary"  Five years of life in Saudi Arabia taught me a very important lesson: keep your big mouth shut.  So I'm not about to go blabbing opinions on politics or history all over the place.  I'm an expat, my job is to keep it zipped.  That said, the research I did on Philippine history and politics before arrival in the country last year hardly prepared me for what I found on the [...]

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