Chasing After Paradise is my first venture into blogging. I’m a retiree now and I’ve decided to take up the work of wordsmithing for something other than text to keep the wheels of bureaucracy churning as was my wont in my career.  It’s a challenge to engage the task of getting things out of my head and down in black and white — a useful exercise that requires hard thinking and homework with regard to research.

The categories on the main menu are self-explanatory but let me elaborate a bit on “Thoughts on Things.”  It’s a catch-all and will include posts on a wide variety of subjects such as economics, politics, science, history, philosophy and whatever else rattles around in my head that doesn’t fit tidily into the other categories.  If at some future point things end up seeming like a jumble sale and oversight of the topics covered becomes difficult, I’ll parse the posts into separate sub-categories.

The Links page on the menu offers additional information resources for particular posts.  I have it in mind to do posts that consist of links with commentary on topics unrelated to other posts in the blog.  That type of post will also find its home on the Links page.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!